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Professionally-Designed eBooks

Do you have a small work that you would like to publish digitally? Whether it is a lovingly-written short story, a collection of original recipes, or your personal manifesto, give it the professional treatment it deserves. Let me design an e-book that you can distribute digitally: I will craft a beautiful publication with hand-picked illustrations and meticulously rendered typography. You will have professionally designed PDF that, while optimized for the iPad, will be accessable on all e-readers (as well as mobile devices and desktop computers).

Check out my portfolio for examples of my work. If you like it, contact me and I will be happy to work with you! I charge $10 per page, up to $200 (50-page maximum).

If you have a larger work that you would like to publish, I can also create your digital publication and help you distribute it online through venues like Amazon and iBooks, as well as a hard-copy version of your work through sites like Lulu. Contact me for a quote!